Before shopping

This is my first time at Temptation Jewellery, how do I register?

I can’t remember my password, what should I do now?

How do I find a product?

How can I change the language?

How can I change the currencys?

Are these new products?

How can I know if a product is in stock?

How can I subscribe to the Newsletters?

How do I unsubscribe from the Newsletter?

I want to get in contact with the customer service department, how do I do it?

While shopping

Do prices include VAT? And transportation?

How long will it take to deliver my order?

Can I give a different delivery address that the one in the invoice?

Is there a minimum purchase?

How do I know if my order is placed correctly?

Which is my order status?

What do I do if I have received a broken or disrepair product?

After the purchase

Can I modify my order?

What happens if I am not at home when my order arrives?

Where is my order? Can I arrange a delivery hour?

Will I receive an invoice?

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