Our History

We are a family business that has been serving fine jewellery for 20 years. We offer a friendly and personalized service to ensure you find the perfect gift for every occasion. Our experience and knowledge of the jewelry industry make us one of the most important master jewelers of our region.

We have six retail stores and we have been serving fine jewellery worldwide for years through our online shop. Our 25 specially selected and qualified vendors have been trained to provide you with the best customer service, both online and in store. They help hundreds of customers every year and they will be happy to answer all your questions related to jewelry and diamonds, even if you are not interested in buying anything.

In addition to our excellent quality jewellery tailored to the highest possible standards. We have a large collection of precious and semiprecious gems where you can find diamond jewels, rubiessapphires or emeralds among others. We also offer watches from brands like Citizen, Seiko, JaguarLotus or Armani. As well as an impressive range of ringsearrings and pendants.

Our reputation is based on the passion for our trade, in the internal designers and the ability of expert gemologists to advise, design and create exceptional pieces of handmade jewellery of unsurpassed quality for our clients.


Upgrade to the jewel you've always wanted

Our exchange and update services allow you to take any piece of jewelry and exchange it for a completely new piece. Men and women jewelry are accepted. For example, an old diamond ring can be exchanged for a new diamond ring, bracelet or any new piece you choose. Redeem your jewelry with Temptation Jewelery Tenerife or in any of our six branches, you receive the total value of the original purchase price. Therefore, if your original purchased diamond ring was priced at € 2,000, your future exchange value will also be € 2,000. This also applies to the new updated jewel you have selected, in case you decide to change it later.

Especially for customers with swollen or large knuckles.

Sometimes, whether as a result of bone structure, weight gain, aging or arthritis, people need rings large enough to fit on their knuckles, but then the rings tend to be too large to sit directly on the finger. Don't worry, we have the solution:

Anti spin pearls

This process involves the addition of small balls at the base of the ring shank. Constructed of the same metal as your ring, the mounds are welded to your ring to prevent the ring from twisting or turning on your finger. Efficient and comfortable for most, non-slip pearls are a popular and affordable option.

We store a variety of different gold stones and gems

At Temptation Jewelers, we offer our customers a large selection of jewelry with 18kt or 9kt gold and diamonds. Rings, earrings, pendants, necklaces, etc. We have a wide selection of all possible accessories that will make you shine a little more. We also deal with all kinds of precious or semi-precious gems such as emeralds, rubies, blue sapphires, opals, tanzanites, aquamarines, etc.

Repair your damaged or broken jewelry

If you are looking for a solution for your damaged sentimental jewelry that you cannot use, WE HAVE THE SOLUTION! . We repair all kinds of broken and damaged jewelry, since we have an internal workshop and a qualified and experienced goldsmith from Valencia.

We buy used jewelry

If you have jewelry in your home that is not being used, why don't you ask us to give you a competent appraisal so you can have cash on hand for them?

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