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Uno de 50 has become one of the jewelry brands with the greatest impact and international projection thanks to its innovative and exclusive designs. It is full of symbolism and a constant source of trends.

Each piece has been handcrafted by master goldsmiths from an alloy of the brand's own metals, silver and gold plated and accessories such as leather, Swarovski crystals and synthetic pearls.

In our website you will find a large selection of Uno de 50 jewels that will make your look unforgettable.

Uno de 50 rings

Rings are the star of accessories, the ultimate outfit-completer that can enhance even the simplest look. In our Uno de 50 ring selection you will find the perfect match for every occasion. From the emblematic bestsellers, classic style for everyday use, to the most elegant and original cocktail rings with striking Swarovski crystals or organic designs based on nature and everyday life.

Uno de 50 Bracelets

The most notable feature of Uno de 50 bracelets are the charms that make them much more customizable.

In our Uno de 50 bracelets catalog you will find sober and elegant bracelets but also the most fun, youthful and colorful bracelets that will brighten your daily look.

Uno de 50 Necklaces

Wonderful and timeless pearl necklaces, rigid chokers, leather necklaces with talismans, inspired by the animal kingdom or in pure fantasy. The iconic Uno de 50 necklaces radiate creativity and an unmistakable style that makes them an infallible choice.

Uno de 50 Earrings

As happens with rings, earrings are a "must have" in your jewelry box. Within the wide range of Uno de 50 earrings you can find simple and elegant button earrings, set with pearls or colored stones. You will also find hoop earrings with smooth or irregular finishes and gold plated ones for the most refined looks. Uno de  50 also designs sparkling earrings with Swarovski stones and XL earrings always matching the brand’s style.


Uno de 50 appeared in the late 90s. Its founder, director and creative designer José Azulay had the right idea to take on a project that would bring freshness and originality to the world of jewelry.

Initially, limited editions of 50 units of each model were created, which explains the name of the firm. Due to the acceptance and popularity of the jewels, Uno de 50 increased the volume of units across the years.

To maintain the exclusivity that characterizes them, each year the company launches two thematic collections with limited editions of 50 units.

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