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Rings are one of the most popular accessories. These pieces of jewellery not only ornate our hands and are a great fashion piece, they also have different meanings and symbolism. Rings have been used throughout history, since ancient times. Sometimes they represent love, other times power, status or achievements.

No matter their significance or their fashion purpose, they are a must on every jewellery box.

Temptation Jewellery offers a wide catalogue of rings. In our website you can filter them by gender -men’s rings or women’s rings-, by material -gold, rose gold, white gold, two tone gold, platinum and silver- and by type.

Engagement rings, wedding bands and eternity rings

Among the several types of rings you will find at Temptation Jewellery there are engagement rings, wedding rings and eternity rings. This three kinds of rings are specially used to symbolize love on its different stages.

Engagement rings are the ones used for the proposal and they represent the commitment between two people that are engaged. They mainly are solitaire rings, a ring with a single stone, commonly a diamond. Others feature a big central stone surrounded by a cluster of smaller diamonds or gems.

Take a look to our engagement ring catalogue.

Wedding bands are the rings used to seal a marriage and are meant to stay on your finger forever. They represent a consolidated compromise. Wedding rings are usually a naked band of precious metal that rarely has any stone on it. If they actually have a stone, it would be just a tiny one. Sometimes they can have some kind of texture or mix two types of gold. It is pretty common to have them engraved with something meaningful for the couple.

Check out our wedding ring catalogue.

Eternity rings also know as infinity rings are commonly used for anniversaries or special occasions. They commemorate love that has lasted over the years, usually over decades. Eternity rings or infinity rings are a band of a precious metal covered by a continuous line of identically cut gemstones, typically diamonds.

Over the last years, this kind of rings is starting to be used also as engagement ring or as a wedding band.

Discover our collection of eternity rings.

At Temptation Jewellery you will also find other types of rings like cocktail rings, signet rings or birthstone rings.

Diamond rings

We take deep pride on our diamond ring collection. It features hundreds of pieces of fine jewellery. Our diamond rings have been carefully designed by our master goldsmiths. They have taken into account each one of the 4Cs (cut, color, clarity and carat weight) to make the perfect jewel that matches exactly what you’re looking for.

Each of our diamond jewels comes along an authenticity certificate and appraisal. They prove that your jewel is real and states its value. A lot of times, the actual value of your jewel might be higher than the price you paid for it. That’s because you bought it under offer or special sales, even though its value is higher, as it is recognised on the appraisal certificate.

Use our filters to find your perfect diamond ring.

Precious gems

Our ring catalogue also includes a wide range of gemstones. You can check the list of gems featured in our ring collection using our filters. 

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